Este channel foi desenvolvido para suas dúvidas, fazer sugestões , reclamações ou elogios. Rakoff recommended that Meyer could have charged Kalanick that was only to avoid a clause in his user agreement requiring that disputes with Bay Area-centered Uber be arbitrated. If he were to encourage an injunction against Kalanick Rakoff also said failing to include Uber from contesting responsibility in additional lawsuits like a defendant might bar the organization.

Meyer charged Kalanick of conspiring with Uber individuals to coordinate substantial rise pricing deals during times of large need, by agreeing to fee costs fixed by an algorithm while in the Uber smartphone software for hailing tours. The suit desired class-action reputation on behalf of Uber passengers nationwide who have used the application, plus a subclass of passengers subjected to rise pricing. Two weeks before, Rakoff obtained Uber to turn documents to aid him establish whether it taught a private investigator in order to discover details about Meyer to lie over.

Rakoff advised that Meyer might have prosecuted Kalanick to avoid a term in his individual agreement requesting that disputes with Bay Area-based Uber be arbitrated. If he were to enforce an injunction against Kalanick Rakoff claimed a failure to add clone from contesting responsibility in different lawsuits as being a defendant can bar the company.
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