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This site isn't associated with Google,That Is my site giving you quicker and easier use of ALL Google 's services and products. Generously alert to all public to prevent this sort of phony call.I demand cyber-crime police to register this as complaint and take action mobile wallet Singapore against owner from above mobile number. One portable no. is 76549 74931 / +91- 7654974931 is asking for the ATM card details. He said where is he calling from after I asked him, he is calling on behalf of Vodafone Corporation and month several cellular numbers were selected by them. Based on Android Information, the company this week introduced the release of its mobile cost support in China, called Huawei Spend.

Is really a scam website that promises by registering on links that our cellular number will be recharged by them, that they have described... everytime after enrollment, a timed out information seems. I would like to state that one Mr.Girikumar Kotta from Hyderabad is robbed lakhs of Rupees from investors like me and is damaged lives of numerous cellular number is 9949018808. The above ordered solution was untraceable July 2014 on staff and site & DTDC customerservice was unable to track the box.

Generously alert to all public in order to avoid this type of call.I that is phony request cyber-crime police take action against owner from above cellular number and to register this as complaint. One cellular no. is 76549 74931 / +91- 7654974931 is seeking the ATM card details. Once I questioned him, where is he calling from, he explained, he is calling on behalf of Vodafone Organization and they selected many cellular numbers last month. In accordance with Android Announcement, the organization this week introduced the release of its cellular transaction assistance in China, called Huawei Pay.
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